Fairer funding of schools

We will campaign for fairer funding for Devon's schools. Each pupil in Devon received £290 less than the national average. Conservatives in Devon believe this is not right. The current Government consultation is flawed and does not improve the situation.

Maintaining Devon's Highway network


Highways:- The Conservative council put an additional £2million into this years budget for Road repairs and £500,000 for road drainage. This was on top of being awarded an extra £3.9m for pothole repairs and £7.1m for road patching.

Better road and rail links with London

Lobbying:- Devon is leading on this project. We have brought the councils of the South west together to put pressure on Government to improve the regional transport to the south west.

Improving Devon's rural broadband

Broadband:- Improved Broadband is now available in large parts of the county. New contracts have now been signed with another company using new technology to improve the service in the more remote areas of the county.

Creating more skilled, well paid jobs

Jobs:- The county is still expanding both Skypark and the Science park .The new Super Computer is now working and linked to the Met Office. The county are also developing more business parks around the County including Barnstaple and Okehampton.

Eliminating waste to landfill

Waste:- Devon has one of the highest recycling rates in the country. We have also worked with partners in developing 2 waste to energy plants, one in Exeter and one in Plymouth. These plants take about 75% of the county Waste.

Encouraging communities to be more self-reliant

Self Help:- We instigated the Town and Parish (TaP) fund to give communities the opportunity to work together, carrying out improvements that would benefit their areas. We now also have trained Snow Wardens, Road Wardens, and Chapter 8 trained residents capable of mobilising in times of need.

Delivering value for money

Value for Money:-  We have continued to restructure the way the County Council works. We have , Less Managers, Less staff, Less Bureaucracy,